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Our team at BeaconLight is happy to be able to offer our home inspection services to the Weston, MA community. Weston, MA is one of the oldest communities in the country, first founded back in 1630 as part of the Watertown settlement. By the Mid 19-century, Weston had transformed into a town full of country estates, where some of the richest businessmen in Boston chose to build their homes. Over 100 years later, Weston remains one of Bostons wealthiest suburbs, where businessmen choose to live and raise famlies. With roughly 11,250 residents spread out across 3,700 households, there are plenty of Weston, MA residents in need of our home inspection services! If you're interested in learning more about our inspection services, keep reading below for more information!

Buyer & Seller Inspections

Our BeaconLight team is proud to be able to offer our Buyer & Seller inspection services to Weston home and business owners in need!

Purchasing a home is a major investment, and it is important to take care to ensure that your home is in good condition before purchase. For those looking to purchase a home in Weston, our team is proud to offer our buyer inspection services.

Our team takes care to examine every nook and cranny of the home, ensuring that you and your family will be protected. We examine everything, from the attic, to the basement, to your foundation, and all of your home's heating, plumbing, and electrical systems. Our process is extensive and thorough, ensuring no system if left uninspected!

Our team inspects the home before you've even made a deposit, providing you with the confidence that your home doesn't have any unforeseen issues before you place the deposit! If you're in search of peace of mind that your home is in good condition, our team is ready to assist!

Furthermore, for homeowners who are interested in putting their home up for sale, our team is happy to be able to offer our seller inspection services. Having your home inspected before you put it on the market is a good idea, as it will inform you what may need to be fixed before completing a sale. Rather than waiting for the buyer's inspection to notify you of what needs to be replaced, you can preemptively take care of the issues that the buyer's would want fixed. Rather than waiting for that inspection to uncover the repairs you need to make, take matters into your own hands to help you negotiate a proper price for your home!

Make sure you aren't caught off guard by issues that you didn't know your home had by inspecting your home before putting it on the market!

Fire & Life Safety Division

Our team at BeaconLight Home Inpsection is happy to be able to offer our Fire & Life Safety Division's services to homeowners or realtors in need of aCertificate of Compliance from the Fire Department!

Our Fire & Life Safety Division is comprised of licensed home inspectors, firefighters, and electricians, providing us with the knowledge of local fire and building codes. Our team makes obtaining a Certificate of Compliance for your building easy! Simply reach out to our team and let us handle the rest! Reach out to our team today to learn more about our services!

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If you need to inspect your home or business, or you're in need of a Certificate of Compliance, our team is ready to assist! We can be reached over the phone at (617) 681-HOME or by filling out our team's online contact form!

We look forward to helping with your Weston, MA inspection needs! Let us guide you home!

-The BeaconLight Team