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For North Attleborough, MA residents in search of home inspection services, our team at BeaconLight Home Inspection is ready to assist! North Attleborough is one of Massachusett's southern-most towns, located just over the Rhode Island border. Its colonial history began around 1780, when a French settler built a brass forge, and the town began to transform into a manufacturing community over the next century and a half. Today, North Attleborough is best known as a quiet suburban town, but it is also the home of many of Boston's greatest athletes, as Gillette Stadium is located just 5 miles down the road! With nearly 29,000 residents living in the town, it is a bustling town that many are proud to call home. If you're interested in learning more about the home inspection services we offer to the community, keep reading below for more information!

Buyer & Seller Inspections in North Attleborough, MA

First off, our team at BeaconLight Home Inspection is happy to be able to provide our buyer & seller inspection services to the North Attleborough, MA community!

For those looking to purchase a home in the community, our team is happy to be able to offer our buyer inspection services!

For homeowners who are looking to purchase a new home in the North Attleborough, MA community, our team is happy to be able to provide our buyer inspection services to the community! Our team knows how difficult it can be to assess whether a property is in good repair. Oftentimes to the untrained eye, a property can appear to be in fantastic condition, but there are problems that only a professional would notice. If you're interested in learning more about our team's home inspection services, keep reading below for more information!

If you need to have a residence inspected before purchase, our team at BeaconLight is ready to assist! We will visit the property in question and ensure that the home is in good repair! Our team examines every aspect of the home, from the crawlspace, to the attic. Our team also makes sure to inspect your electrical & plumbing systems, ensuring that every aspect of the home is working properly! If there are any issues with the property, our team will bring them to your attention, allowing you to make an informed decision about your purchase!

While most homeowners know how important having a inspection before purchase is, many homeowners are still unaware of how essential a seller's inspection can be. A buyer's inspection is designed to inform you of any potential issues with the home before putting down your deposit, but a seller's inspection can provide you with invaluable insight that can help you speed up the sale and make more money!

When a home buyer has your property inspected, it will reveal issues that they will want to have addressed before purchase. With this information they can either negotiate a lower asking price, or ask the sellers to repair the damage before purchase. This means that you either need to slow down your sale, to fix the damage, or you need lower your asking price by potentially tens of thousands of dollars. Home buyers tend to overestimate the price of repairs, which means you're often better off handling those issues yourself, but this will slow down the process. This is why having a seller's inspection is so important. Having your home inspected before listing will reveal these issues, giving you time to address them before listing the home. If you need to have your home inspected before a sale, reach out to our team today!

Fire & Life Safety Division

Finally, our team at Beaconlight is happy to be able to offer our Fire & Life Safety Division's services to North Attleborough, MA homeowners in need! If you're in search of assistance in obtaining a Certificate of Compliance from the Fire Department, our team is ready to assist!

Comprised of licensed professionals from a variety of fields, including fire fighters, electricians, and of course home inspectors, our team has a wide range of knowledge, ensuring that our team can quickly and easily assist with your Certificate of Compliance consultation needs! If you're interested in learning more about our services, reach out today to get started!

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