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If you are looking for a new home, look no further than Duxbury, MA! Our BeaconLight Home Inspection team is happy to provide the residents of Duxbury with our services. We’re ready to get the job done for anyone looking to buy or sell their home in Duxbury.

Duxbury is a coastal town located on the South Shore of Massachusetts, about 35 miles south of Boston. Located in Plymouth County, Duxbury is one of the oldest towns in Massachusetts! It’s known for its oyster beds and large cranberry production! With a small population of roughly 16,000 residents, Duxbury is a quaint area that is perfect for new families. Check out Duxbury’s gorgeous scenery and coastlines! Continue reading to hear more about our comprehensive home inspections in Duxbury today!

Buyer & Seller Inspections in Duxbury, MA

Without a home inspection, you are missing out on a very pivotal part of the home buying process. Inspections can end up saving you hundreds of dollars in repairs on things you might have never noticed. Our home inspection specialists are trained to examine the smallest details of your space to find any potential problems and give you peace of mind.

We will send a trained professional to your space to thoroughly inspect it, and they will provide you with a quote of the potential costs. Some details might seem minor, but they could be quite expensive to repair or replace. We want you to feel totally comfortable and confident in your new potential home!

Don’t put down any deposit on your potential new home before setting up a home inspection. We will send over an expert home inspector to check all aspects of your property, all the way down to the crawlspace. Feel free to ask your inspector any questions you might have throughout the process. Give BeaconLight a call today to get started!

Seller inspections in Duxbury are also widely beneficial to both the buyer and seller. Pre-sale inspections let the seller know of all the same issues before listing the home. This sets you ahead of the curve and can speed up the entire process.

Whether you are looking to sell your home in Duxbury or not, home inspections are still widely beneficial to ensure the quality of your property. Sellers often incorporate the cost of repairs into the listing price to lessen the chance of negotiation down the road.

A pre-sale inspection can also help speed up the entire buying process. If a buyer brings in their own inspector, they might overestimate the cost of repairs, so having a second opinion is always preferred. Keep everyone in the loop and make any repairs ahead of time. When you’re ready for a home inspection in Duxbury, call our team at BeaconLight Home Inspection!

Fire & Life Safety Division in Duxbury, MA

Did you know that BeaconLight also provides Fire & Life Safety services to all residents in Duxbury? Our team can help you achieve a Certificate of Compliance to ensure your space is safe and improve any quality issues. Receive your Certificate of Compliancefrom the Duxbury Fire Department today!

With a team of experienced home inspectors, firefighters, and electricians, our Fire & Life Safety division will help you complete all the necessary tasks. Our team is updated on all state and local fire regulations to create an easy process. If you have any questions about receiving your Certificate of Compliance, call BeaconLight today!

Receive a Home Inspection in Duxbury, MA Today!

If you’re ready for a home or business inspection in Duxbury, or you need a Certificate of Compliance, give BeaconLight a call! All Duxbury residents can reach us at (617) 681-HOME or through our quick and easy contact form!

Our team is happy to help you through this exciting process!

-The BeaconLight Team