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Boston, MA is the capital of Massachusetts, first founded back in 1630. It was one of the principal cities of British America, due to it's location and large port. Boston was arguably the most important city in the American Revolution, with many of the significant events of the war occuring in or around the Boston area. Today, Boston is an intellectual, technological, and political hub for the United States. Home to roughly 675,000 residents living in 275,000 housing units, Boston is one of the most densely populated cities in the United States, and that population nearly doubles during the work day. With so many residents in the city, there are thousands of people in need of our home inspection services! If you need inspection services in Boston, MA, keep reading below to learn more our our wide array of home inspection services!

Buyer & Seller Inspections

Our BeaconLight team is happy to be able to provide our Buyer & Seller inspection services to Boston home and business owners in need!

For the many residents looking to purchase a home in Boston, we are proud to be able to offer our buyer & seller inspections. Our inspection services will provide you with the peace of mind to keep your home protected for years to come!

Our team will thorougly examine every corner of your home to make sure your home that is properly protected. From your home's attic, to your basement, as well as your home's plumbing, electrical systems, foundation, and more!

Our team will inspect your home before you've put down a deposit, ensuring that you have confidence that your home is in good condition and doesn't have any hidden issues that the seller's of the home neglected to mention. Our team at BeaconLight will provide you with the peace of mind. Let our team at BeaconLight provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home will keep you and your family protected!

For homeowners who are interested in putting their homes on the market, we are happy to be able to provide our seller inspection services. If you put your home on the market without knowing what issues it has, a buyer inspection may uncover expensive repairs that you need to make before the homeowners purchase it, or they will negotiate for a lower asking price. Inspecting your home before selling it can help you avoid the headaches that come with needing to make repairs before finalizing a sale.!

To make sure you don't get caught off guard by issues that you didn't know your home had, be sure to inspect your home before putting it on the market!

Fire & Life Safety Division

Our crew at BeaconLight Home Inspection is happy to provide our Fire & Life Safety Divison's services to homeowners and brokers in need of a Certificate of Compliance from the Fire Department!

Our Fire & Life Safety Division is employs the expertise of licensed home inspectors, firefighters, and electricians, providing us with the knowledge of local fire and building codes. We make obtaining a Certificate of Compliance easy! All you need to do is reach out to our team and let us handle the rest! If you're interested in learning more about our services, reach out to our team today!

Contact Us Today

If you need your home or business inspected, before selling or purchase, or you're in need of a Certificate of Compliance, our team is ready to assist! We can be contacted over the phone at (617) 681-HOME or by filling out our online contact form!

We look forward to helping with your inspection needs! Let us guide you home!

-The BeaconLight Team